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Fofie Akoto

As a teacher and perpetual student of traditional African culture, Fofie Akoto has been studying for over 30 years and has been teaching for over 20. She has taught all levels of dancers in all age groups and dance arenas. She has had the pleasure of teaching traditional and contemporary African dance and choreography at Howard University, University of Maryland, a number of different dance schools and organizations throughout the United States. 


She was artistic director for Dono Drum and Dance Ensemble, and a member of Memory of African Culture under the direction of Djiali Djimo Kouyate, and Farafina Kan, all based in Washington, DC.  She has taught and performed traditional African dance throughout the US and Africa. She is a master certified ASA! instructor and has been teaching for several years. 


Since relocating to the Atlanta area, she has been teaching primarily but is also the director of The Baobab, the SBJ West African Dance Academy.  She is continually honored by every opportunity to pass on her knowledge and to help preserve and carry forth African culture.

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