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Egbe Sekeres

100 SEKERES is the brainchild of Iyalosha Yeye Olori Oriyomi, "MAMA YEYE", best known as the Sekere Woman of Atlanta. She is a Yoruba Priestess of Obatala/Oshun, and has traveled throughout the U.S. and Africa as a Sekere percussionist, educator, performing artist, playwright and dance/theatre instructor.

Sekere (Shay-ka-ray) is an African hand drum made from a gourd strung with beads, nuts, shells or seeds. Today, Sekeres are played in bands, drum circles, parades, choirs, worship celebrations, live concerts and festivals all over the world.


100 Sekeres is dedicated to the celebration of life and preservation of cultural traditions among all people from the Diaspora. The music of the Sekere is known to have a positive, healing effect and it is often used for praise and celebration throughout the world.

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