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King Theo of SambaFunk!
Brasil Day.jpeg

Carnival King Theo will lead students on a cultural journey of African Brasilian dance. King Theo uses dance as a platform for cultural healing and reconciliation. Offered through a unique African American lens, dancers can expect to move through a series of dances which include the spiritual movements of the Orixa and Carnival dances, Samba and Samba Reggae. 


Crowned King of San Francisco Carnival, Theo, a former student at Clark Atlanta has traveled throughout Brazil, including Salvador, Bahia, Olinda, Pernambuco and Rio de Janeiro studying, dancing and performing. Theo has also danced and performed in Guinea West Africa, Paris France, Toronto Canada, Panama and the USA. 


As an Arts practitioner and the Artistic Director of the Oakland based cultural arts organization, SambaFunk! and former City of Atlanta's Bureau of Cultural Affairs employee, Theo currently serves Cultural artists as a Commissioner of Cultural Affairs for the City of Oakland. 


Dancers should come prepared to share and create joy and excitement on the dance floor. 


This is a mixed level workshop. No Brasilian dance experience necessary. 

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