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N'Deye Gueye

Born in Dakar, Senegal West Africa, N'Deye is one of the most dynamic and sought after Sabar performing artists who also is a great teacher of the Sabar dance. Superb Sabar technique and an overall great experience is what one will receive in her dynamic classes.


N’Deye Gueye's experience as a Master Sabar teacher is steeped in the cultural history of Senegalese African dance tradition and legacy. She learned from being and doing in the community. Extending her talents to the stage, she performed before former president “Abdou Diouf” of Senegal. Her choreography and dance company has been awarded first place at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival.  The Kankouran West African Dance Festival, African Caribbean Cultural Dance Festival, International Jazz Fest in Atlanta and Khaley N’Geuwel West African Dance Conference in Los Angeles are just a few of the conferences/festivals where she has taught and performed. The Dance Theater of Oakland has presented many of her workshops over the years and The United Nations Peace Conference presented N'Deye Gueye with the famous "Sing Sing Rhythms" award.


Raising the self-esteem, sharing cultural awareness with children and women who would not usually be exposed to the culture through the arts is important to N'Deye Gueye who has implemented this objective through her dance company, Chosaanu African Dance.  N'Deye Gueye is always thrilled to teach children such as at Debbie Allen Dance Studio in Los Angeles where she was invited to teach dance and choreography to children aged 5 and above.

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