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Akumba Bynum-Roberson

Akumba Bynum-Roberson is a drummer, dancer, choreographer, instructor, actor, and entrepreneur. He has been drumming and dancing for over twenty years.


Akumba was a percussionist for classes in the Children’s Drama and Dance Program at Spelman College. He choreographed, drummed, and danced in several productions at Morehouse College and Spelman College.


He currently serves as a percussionist for West African dance classes at Spelman College in the Department of Drama and Dance and at Emory University in the Department of Dance. He is the lead drummer for Ashietu, the Sisters Chapel African Dance and Drum Ministry at Spelman College and plays with Djeliba Drum Ensemble.


In addition to serving as the West African drum instructor at multiple schools during the school year, Bro. Akumba is the percussionist and drum instructor for Ailey Camp Atlanta summer program.

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