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Atito Gohi

Atito Gohi, born Bi Gohi Johnson, is originally from Belfla, a small village in the Ivory Coast of West Africa. At age fourteen, he realized that he had a natural talent and love for dance. He formed a small dance troupe in Belfa that performed throughout the villages.


As Johnson became well known, particularly for his skill in dancing Zaouli, a former dancer of the National Ballet heard about him and became interested in auditioning him for her company. It was while working for the Nayai Club in Abijan, the country's capital that he auditioned and joined the National Ballet. It was with the National Ballet that Atito came to the United States to perform. He later continued his career in New York with the Mask Dance Company of the Ivory Coast.


He has taught at Djoniba Dance and Drum Centre, St. Augustine School in the South Bronx, and has performed as a dancer and musician at Disney World, The Guggenheim Museum, The Museum of Natural History, The Studio Museum in Harlem, Brooklyn Academy of Music, HBO, Henry Street Settlement and Summer Stage.

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